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FREE Event Planning Accelerator

Get your next event organized and stress-free with your Event Planning Checklist and Guide using proven strategies –  (Practical and result-driven)

For event planners, self and commercial

Which of these things is affecting your event planning process right now?

Overlooking Critical Tasks

You forget crucial tasks in the chaos of event planning. You may find yourself scrambling at the last minute to secure necessary permits, arrange transportation, or coordinate with vendors. The absence of a structured guide leaves room for important details to slip through the cracks.

Inefficient Time Management

Planning an event requires careful time management, especially when dealing with multiple deadlines and responsibilities. You struggle to prioritize tasks, resulting in wasted time and unnecessary stress..

Lack of Organization

You find it challenging to keep track of tasks, contacts, and important documentation. You find yourself in the midst of miscommunication, confusion, and missed opportunities, causing unnecessary setbacks and frustrations.

Inadequate Budgeting:

You overlook expenses or miscalculate costs. You end up exceeding your budget or neglecting important aspects of the event due to poor financial planning.

Communication Breakdowns

When working with teams, vendors, or clients, miscommunication and misunderstandings occur, leading to errors, duplicated efforts, or missed opportunities.

So What Does Your Event Planning Really Need?


Comprehensive Task Management: From initial brainstorming to post-event follow-up, ensuring that no critical tasks are overlooked. With a comprehensive task management system, you can stay organized, prioritize effectively, and ensure every aspect of your event is covered.


Time-Saving Templates and Tools; Time management is crucial when planning events, hence the need for time-saving templates and tools.


Structured Organization System; A centralized location to store important contacts, vendor information, contracts, and other essential documents.


Comprehensive Budgeting Guide; Effective budgeting is essential for successful event planning. A comprehensive budgeting guide, allowing you to accurately estimate costs, track expenses, and allocate funds appropriately.


Enhanced Communication and Collaboration; Effective communication and collaboration among all stakeholders involved in your event. A shared reference point, ensuring everyone is on the same page and has access to important information

If you need any of these, you should register right now and get the Event Planning Accelerator(EPA).

What You Will Get From This Accelerator?

This accelerator is perfect for event planners who want to learn how to effectively plan their events. It will provide you with the tools you need to create a winning event planning system and start seeing results.

How else would you like to continue 2023?

This is what you’ll be getting

Streamline Your Planning Process

  • An outline of planning tasks
  • No more guesswork or confusion—just a smooth and efficient planning process.

Stay Organized and On Track

  • Breakdown of tasks into manageable sections 
  • Overview of what needs to be done and when

Eliminate Stress and Minimize Mistakes

  • Detailed tasks and timelines
  • Feel confident knowing that you’ve covered all the bases

Save Time and Effort

  • Ready-to-use tool that expedites the planning process

Enhance Collaboration and Communication

  • Shareable checklist to delegate tasks
  • Progress tracker

FREE Event Planning Accelerator





  • Event Centre Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Digital Marketing Professional
  • Multiple certified Ad expert
  • 5+ years experience
  • Planned event of over 10,000 guests

Now imagine your event planning process after getting this accelerator

YOU DONT MISS any crucial tasks and allowing you to manage your time more effectively. With increased efficiency, you can accomplish more in less time and reduce stress

YOU HAVE a structured system for organizing all event-related information, including contacts, documents, and schedules.

YOU CAN eliminate the worry of forgetting important details.

YOU CAN focus on identifying potential cost savings, negotiate better deals with vendors, and ensure a financially sound event.

YOU HAVE a structured approach, attention to detail, and efficient organization provided by the checklist impresses clients, stakeholders, and attendees, enhancing your reputation in the industry.

Will this accelerator be worth it for you?

Do you want this?


 I have some BONUSES for you

  • Venue Selection Guide
  • Event Marketing Strategies
  • Event Seating Plan

Need a private session?

Private Event Planning Consultation with Precious Fela-Steve

  • 7 days duration
  • 3 meetings (30 minutes each)
  • Review of plan and guidance on execution

#5,000 ($7)

One slot weekly

Also get access to exclusive limited time discount deals on our event centre.

La Vista Event Centre in Ibadan #lavistaecentcentre #eventcentre #lavistaevents #eventsinibadan #eventvenue #venue



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